What About Us? 

We Make Your Mental Fitness Our Business

We believe in skills, not disorders.

The reality is that whatever we focus on gets amplified. Focusing on problems means that the problems will be amplified rather than the solution. This strikes us as letting the tail wag the dog. We are highly invested in helping individuals develop a core set of mental fitness skills in which identifying problems is merely a means of defining unsuccessful past approaches. Our primary aim is to teach clients how to leverage newly learned skills for  achieving meaningful life goals.

As children, we are taught basic skills such as how to read, write, or play an instrument or a sport. We are not expected to perform up to par in any of these without proper instruction. Yet, we are seldom taught crucial skills for relationships, socializing, self-care, emotional regulation, self-soothing or healthy coping. The result? People are too easily crippled by negative life events. This is why we believe mental fitness skills are for everyone.

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