We Believe in Skills, Not Disorders

Uncategorized Dec 13, 2016

The reality is that whatever we focus on gets amplified. Period. Thus, focusing on problems means that the problems will be amplified rather than the solution. This strikes us as letting the tail wag the dog. As an organization, we are highly invested in helping individuals develop a core set of mental fitness skills and we identify problems only as a means of defining unsuccessful past approaches. Our primary aim is to teach clients how to leverage newly learned skills for success and for achieving meaningful life goals.

As children, we are carefully taught basic skills such as how to read, write, tie our shoes, play an instrument or a sport. We are not expected to perform up to par in any of these without proper instruction. Yet, we are not specifically taught the crucial skills needed for relationships, socializing, self-care, emotional regulation, positive mental mindsets, meditation, self-soothing or healthy coping. The result? People are too easily crippled by negative life events in adolescence or adulthood because they lack the skills to handle the hardships life will often deliver. We believe the answer is simple: mental fitness skills are for everyone. A mentally fit athlete who losses his feet, simply learns to run on new ones. If amputees can overcome - and even champion - in the face of such hardship, why can't we all?

Our goal is to ensure that mental fitness skills are taught to adults, parents, teachers and professionals alike. To do so, we will begin developing Mental Fitness Campaigns with local city governments and school systems. We will reach out to new parents and offer free training. We will send out mFIT Guides, free of charge, to every school counselor in the United States (and beyond).

Our goal is to not just to provide a much-needed service. Our goal is to change the world.

No person should have to deal with crippling anxiety, lifelong depression, repeated life failures, continual social rejection or chronically suffer abusive relationships. With mental fitness skills, people can learn how to deal effectively with these very difficult life issues. After all, we cannot entirely prevent painful life events from happening. But what we can prevent is the suffering that follows. While pain in not optional, as pain can and will come to us all, suffering is optional. Our suffering can be minimized or largely eliminated because it is based solely on our response to pain. For example, to suffer the loss of a loved one is a pain that no one invites nor has the ability to avoid, but to suffer with extended regret and guilt and the inability to move forward is not a required part of loss. Initial grieving is natural, but how a person handles the loss requires mental fitness skills in order to minimize the resulting suffering and increase resilience and recovery.

Partner with us in spreading the word about mental fitness. Take a class. Share our site with others. Teach your children solid mental fitness skills. Practice the skills for yourself every day.

Because together...we can change lives for the better. We believe in skills!


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