Make Happiness

Happiness cannot be given to you. You alone can build it.

Happiness is one of those sorely misunderstood concepts. I think of happiness as a pulsing, fleeting and often euphoric state. The foundation of happiness, however, is anything but. I believe that contentment is the genesis, the birth-mother of what we refer to as happiness. When we cultivate a sense of contentment and peace, then we have constructed an internal geography that supports these punctuated moments of emotional or mental bliss that we like to call happiness.

What this means is that happiness is not something that can be given to you. You alone have to build the foundation to support it. This includes engaging in good self-care (e.g., adequate sleep, nutrition, exercise, pleasure), cultivating good social relationships, planning pleasure and relaxation periods, being productive, contributing to society and being relatively free of self-destructive habits. We are all a work in progress, but...

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