Focus on Future

Your past is not a place you can go, but your future is. 

Humans spend so much energy time-traveling that we barely have energy for the present moment. We are either so preoccupied with our past and all the regrets that we stir into a frenzied mess or we are overly focused on worrying about what lies ahead that we are paralyzed with fear…all over what is very likely to not happen at all.

But serious, the past is not a place you can go to. Okay, so go back to that moment you most regret and change it. Hurry up. Oh wait, you can’t, right? Then it no longer bears consideration except for what nugget you pull from it that will help you in the days ahead. Likewise, run on ahead into tomorrow and pre-arrange things to your liking, okay? Oh wait, you can’t, right? Well…

We get so busy time traveling to the past or to our imagined future that we completely forfeit the one moment we have to do anything at all…this present moment.


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